How we do it?

We are looking for disruptive digital projects.

Identifying investment opportunities:

We generate a constant flow of possibilities (Deal Flow) through our network of Business Angels, attending events and investment forums, attending startup accelerators, receiving direct proposals from startups and consulting with other Business Angels.

Selection of Investment Opportunities (Deal Screening):

We evaluate a large number of projects to establish investment criteria aligned with our investment thesis. We analyze in detail the projects: problem to be solved, value proposition, target market, target customer/s, business model (how to generate revenue or create value by doing what the company does) to capture value, competitive advantages, competitors.
Know the entrepreneurial team well, since it is not the technology that leads a business project and creates value, but the people, the talent.

First contact with the startup:

We establish contact with the startup team and make a first interview to get to know the project first hand.

Investment process - link with the startup:

This is the moment in which we enter into an investment round, participating in the startup and becoming part of it, always through a consensual partners' agreement.

Follow-up and support for growth:

At Aliquam we focus on helping and adding value to the exponential growth of the company. We support the development of operational milestones and KPIs, and offer advice in multiple areas such as strategic direction, search for alternative financing, talent management, company valuation, international expansion and sales/marketing strategies.


We work together with the companies on a possible EXIT.
Aliquam will plan and investigate possibilities. It has an extensive networking network to identify potential partners and buyers.

1-. Contacto

Las empresas están formadas por personas, y son precisamente éstas las que nos interesan. En una primera reunión, nos conoceremos y haremos una toma de contacto.

2-. Estudio empresarial

Introducimos nuestros insights en nuestras herramientas de análisis para ver si la oportunidad es potencialmente adecuada.

3-. Entrevistas y reunión

Antes de tomar una decisión, normalmente hablamos con el CEO y con uno de sus inversores externos.

4-. Propuesta y cierre

Tras nuestra reunión de socios, te comunicamos si nos gustaría invertir, así como una propuesta con nuestra asignación deseada.

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